A Social Security disability hearing with an administrative law judge is not like court. It is not held in a courtroom. It’s like meeting in a conference room. When we go to have a hearing with a judge and we sit at a table, we have a judge sitting at a table in from of us. The judge wants to know about what’s going on that’s keeping our client from working. Sometimes the judge will ask a lot of questions, and sometimes we are required to ask all of the questions of one of our clients. But, no matter what happens, we help our clients tell their story. We help our clients talk about what’s affecting them. How are they affected by their health problems? What’s going on that has caused them to become different people from when they were able to work and do what they wanted to do? So it is sort of an information gathering session with a judge, as opposed to a court setting where the judge is asking a lot of questions and putting our clients on the spot. It’s not like that at all.