Our firm is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we serve claimants all over North Carolina, as well as some claimants in Virginia and South Carolina. At Lunn and Forro, we have been handling public benefits cases and Social Security disability cases, as well as Veteran’s cases since the 2000s, and it is all we do. We don’t get involved with any other types of law, and as former legal aid attorneys, we understand what it is like for our clients to have many problems and not just one. I think that is a very important characteristic amongst the attorneys who do this kind of work. We don’t, we cannot think in a narrow way about our clients because things change constantly. Our clients don’t have the information they need. They need a lot of help because they don’t feel well. And so we take very seriously our duty to talk with our clients, inform our clients, and keep our clients’ spirits up so that they know that what they’re doing is not a waste of their time, as frustrating as it may be. 

I really like to talk to all the different kind of clients that we have. We have so many who have done all kinds of things in life. Some are very humble people, some people who are very important. The one thing they all have in common is that they all got sick. It doesn’t matter how educated they are, where they lived, or what they did for a job. When everyone is sick, everything changes. We hope to be able to reach out to our clients and make a difference in a time when maybe no one else is very interested in them anymore because they are sick. Sometimes we are the only people that can offer them a kind word and guide them along, and I think that’s what keeps us going from day-to-day.