My name is Elizabeth Lunn, and I’m an attorney who handles Social Security disability and veteran’s compensation benefits claims. I was born in North Carolina and raised here. I grew up in Charlotte. I went to law school in Virgina and really wanted to stay in the South so I came back to North Carolina. I did divorce law for about six months, and that was really not what I wanted to do. So I went to work at Legal Aid, which is where I met Lila. We’ve worked together now for 15 years at four different firms. We really enjoyed doing public benefits and working with people who really needed our help. So we got into doing Social Security disability. Actually, my husband is on Social Security disability so I took an interest in it when I got him on benefits. Then we formed our own firm three years ago, started doing just Social Security disability; that’s all we did. Then I added veteran’s benefits; I have family members who are veterans. We had a lot of clients who were veterans, and they needed help dealing with the VA administration because it is as complicated as dealing with Social Security.