So for Social Security benefits, there are two types of programs. One is Supplemental Security Income, which is a needs-based program. You have to have low income in your household and have very few assets, meaning you can’t own a lot of stuff. If you only qualify for SSI benefits, it’s either because you haven’t worked in a long time, or you have never been able to work. The maximum monthly benefit this year is $721. It will go up slightly next year, but that’s all you get. It’s never more than that. If you have applied for and been approved for Social Security Disability Insurance, which is where you have worked and they take the money out of your paycheck every time, the amount of your benefit is based on how long you’ve worked and how much you have paid in, in taxes. So it’s different for everybody. If that benefit amount is low, if it’s below $700 a month because maybe you didn’t work a lot recently, but you worked enough to be qualified, SSI will come in and make up the difference to the maximum SSI payment. So, you will still get $720 a month.