Your claims folder (aka “cfile”) at the VA contains all of the documents related to your claim for compensation and/or pension. The VA is currently in the process of converting from paper files to electronic files, so your claim may have some documents in a physical file folder and some in the electronic system. If you are not being represented in your claim for VA benefits, you should request a copy of your claims folder from the VA as soon as possible. You are entitled to one free copy. If you have asked an attorney to help you with your claim, the attorney will likely want to review a copy. If you ask me to review your case, I will request a copy of the claims folder and provide a copy to you at no charge once it arrives at my office.

If you want to talk about your case with an attorney accredited by the VA, please call our office at 888-966-6566 or use the Contact Form. We look forward to speaking with you.