CA cfile numberYour VA file number is very important because you must use it when you send anything to the VA about your claim. The VA file number is how your claim is tracked through the compensation system and how documents and other evidence are associated with your file in the VA’s electronic database. Whenever the VA sends you a letter about your claim, your VA file number will be on the document. Look in the upper right-hand corner. There is usually a note that says “In reply refer to” followed by two or three numbers separated by a “\”. Below those number will be your file number. For most veterans, it is the same number as the social security number, just without the dashes. However, if the veteran filed the first claim a long time ago, the number will be a different number. Just below your VA file number will be your name. Although not a regular occurrence, sometimes you may be mailed a letter that is intended to go to another veteran. Always check the upper right-hand corner of any mail from the VA to make sure it is actually about your claim.

It is very important that you keep all of your mail from the VA about your compensation claim in a safe place. In addition to your social security number, these documents often contain other identifying information as well as personal data such as your medical history. If you want a free VA case evaluation from our office, we will want to review these documents.