TDIU for Disabled Veterans – Can I Qualify?

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TDIU for disabled veterans is a benefit for veterans who are unable to work due to their service-connected conditions. As a veteran with one or more service-connected disabilities, you are eligible to apply for disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Through this application, you will also be considered for TDIU, or Total […]

Can Veterans Work While Applying for VA Benefits?

When I talk with Veterans who are applying for compensation benefits, they often want to know if working while applying for VA benefits will hurt their chances of being approved. For most Veterans the answer is usually pretty simple – if you are not receiving a non-service connected pension, Social Security benefits and you are […]

What is TDIU? How do I Qualify? How do I Apply?

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Veterans qualify for TDIU (Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability) when they are unable to work at a substantial gainful occupation due to a service connected conditions (or a combination of service connected conditions). TDIU payment results in a payment amount at the 100% rate, even when a Veteran’s combined rating is less than 100%. […]