Can Disabled Veterans Get Social Security Disability?

disabled veterans get social security disability

Disabled veterans may qualify for both Social Security disability benefits and veterans disability compensation. If you meet the separate requirements of each type of benefit, you can receive both payments. There are some circumstances in which one might offset the other, but it can be beneficial to apply for both. For a more in-depth discussion […]

Is Social Security Disability Taxable?

Social security disability taxable

Social Security disability benefits are taxable, but only certain types and only if you have a certain amount of income in addition to your benefits. Two-thirds of people receiving Social Security disability benefits do not have to pay taxes on their benefits, reports the Social Security Administration (SSA). What are the income limits for taxable […]

Does Inheritance Affect Disability Benefits?

Inheritance affect social security disability

Yes. Inheritance can affect Social Security disability benefits. Much depends on the type of benefit you receive. Below, we discuss the implications of inheritances in the two types of Social Security disability programs and how you may be able to preserve your benefits. For questions about your specific case or for help with Social Security […]

If I Get Disability Benefits Will My Family Also Get Money?

Disability payments for family

If you are approved for SSDI payments there may be additional money available to your minor children, your spouse, and your disabled adult children. When your payment amount is calculated, the payment center also calculates the maximum family amount and the figure is based on the amount of time you have worked and the amount […]