How Much Does It Cost? – Attorney Fees


Attorney fees in Social Security cases are contingent. So the short answer is that it costs you nothing up front to hire a lawyer at Lunn & Forro, PLLC This means that you do not pay us any money when you hire us. If you do not win your Social Security Disability claim, then you […]

Do I need an attorney to file a VA claim?

You are not required to have an attorney at any point during your VA claim. Under the law, an attorney cannot charge you any fee for work performed prior to an appeal being filed. That means an attorney cannot charge for assisting you with filing your application. You will find that many attorneys do not […]

I fired my disability lawyer. Now I need a fee waiver. What do I do?

Attorney fee waiver

Whenever a disability lawyer withdraws from a case, either on their own or at their client’s request, they must decide whether or not to waive their fee. The new attorney likely wants the prior attorney to waive their fee so that a fee petition will not be needed to get paid. Lawyer Waives Fee If […]