Can I Appeal a Denied VA Claim?

When a decision is made in your claim, you will receive a Ratings Decision. If your claim has been granted, the decision will assign a rating for your condition. If the claim is denied, or if you disagree with the rating that is assigned then you must file an appeal within 1 year. There are […]

What if I miss my Social Security appeal deadline?

disability appeal deadline

What is the Social Security Disability Appeal Deadline? The most common Social Security Disability appeal deadline is 60 days. If your initial claim is denied, you have 60 days to appeal and ask for Reconsideration. If your Request for Reconsideration is denied, then you have 60 days to file the appeal, which is a Request […]

How Do I File a Disability Appeal?

Disability appeal

If your initial claim for Social Security disability benefits has been denied, you should file a disability appeal, not a new claim. The first appeal is called a Request for Reconsideration. If the Request for Reconsideration is later denied, you should file an appeal to Request a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. You only […]

What is a Request for Reconsideration?

request for reconsideration

If your initial application for disability benefits is denied, you will receive a notice in the mail. If you are still unable to work you will need to file an appeal. This appeal is called a Request for Reconsideration. You can file your appeal online at Social Security’s website, or you can get a paper […]