consultative examIf Social Security believes that they need more medical information to make a decision in your case, you may be sent to a doctor for a consultative exam. This exam is scheduled by and paid for by Social Security. It is only an exam. The doctor will not provide any treatment and will not prescribe medication for you.

Depending on the type of disability you have, x-rays or bloodwork may be performed. If you are scheduled for an exam, Social Security will send you a letter about the appointment. If you cannot keep the appointment, you need to let Social Security know immediately so that it can be rescheduled.

It is very important that you attend the exam. You are being sent for the exam because Social Security needs more information about your condition. If you do not attend the exam, it is likely that your claim will be turned down.

The exam may be for a physical exam for medical problems such as back pain or tremors. A psychological exam can be ordered for people who have depression, bi-polar disorder or other mental health issues. These exams may also be ordered for children who have applied for Child’s SSI benefits.

You need to be honest with the examiner about your health and not try to put on a brave front. If you are hurting, then you need to say so. If you go in and tell the doctor that you are “fine” or “ok”, that will also be noted in the report.