disability video hearingsYou may have received a notice from Social Security with information about participating in a video teleconferencing hearing. During video hearings, you and your attorney (if you have one) are in one office and the judge is in another office. Your location will be equipped with a camera, microphone and TV screen. You will be able to see and hear the Administrative Law Judge on the TV screen and the judge will be able to hear and see you on the monitor in their office.

The location of your hearing will be the same whether you have a video or in-person hearing. The notice that you receive from Social Security will likely tell you that you will get a hearing more quickly if you agree to a VTC hearing. In our experience, it is not likely to make much difference, if any, in the amount of time you will wait. If you agree to have a the VTC hearing, your case may be assigned to a hearing office in another state or at a national hearing center set up by Social Security.

Under current law, you have the absolute right to have an in-person hearing where the judge will be in the same room with you. Many people prefer to have an in-person hearing. Depending on your medical impairments, your attorney may advise you to have one type of hearing, but the choice is yours.

If you have a disability attorney, you should talk with the attorney before returning any forms to the hearing office regarding your hearing.

Learn more about what to expect at your hearing with the Administrative Law Judge.