If you are disabled and unable to work then you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. There are two basic types of benefits available to individuals who are disabled. There are also benefits available to children who are disabled and whose families meet certain income and asset requirements.

Adult Social Security Disability Benefits

Title II benefits

These benefits are paid to people who have worked and paid into Social Security long enough and recently enough to qualify. Benefits are paid when the individual’s health prevents them from engaging in “substantial gainful employment” for at least 12 months. They are often called DIB, SSDI or regular disability benefits

Title XVI benefits

These benefits are also known as SSI or Supplemental Security Income benefits and are paid to people who have never worked or who have not worked recently enough to qualify for Title II benefits. SSI benefits are also paid people who receive Title II benefit payments that are lower than the SSI monthly maximum payment. To be eligible for SSI payments, individuals must meet certain income and asset requirements as well as being disabled based on Social Security’s rules and regulations.

Child Social Security Disability Benefits

SSI benefits for children are paid to children who are disabled and whose family meets the income and assets requirements. Children must be found to be disabled as defined by Social Security in order to receive payments.

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