hire disability attorneyWhen people are faced with applying for Social Security disability benefits, many wonder if it is worthwhile to hire an attorney. After a life-altering disability that affects their ability to work, money is often fairly tight, so it can be difficult to justify spending the money on an attorney when it is needed for more pressing matters.

For some people, hiring a lawyer may be unnecessary for a case that is very straightforward and likely to be approved. For instance, someone who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer that has been given a short time to live may be approved very quickly, and may not benefit from the help of an attorney.

For most, however, the process is rarely that simple. A large portion of Social Security disability benefit applications are denied initially, due to missing or incorrect paperwork, missed deadlines, or other mistakes. These denials can lead to costly delays, leaving individuals with disabilities without income for an even longer period of time.

For more complex applications or denial appeals, we recommend hiring an attorney to represent you. Social Security is a complex, government-run program that is full of important rule, regulations, and unwavering deadlines. Making even a small mistake can lead to a delay that can cost you important time and money, and Lunn & Forro can help ensure that you are able to navigate the application process quickly and efficiently.

If you are worried about the cost of an attorney, let us set your mind at ease—if you do not win your Social Security disability claim, you will not be asked to pay an attorney fee. Even if you are awarded benefits, we only collect an attorney fee if you are awarded back benefits from the Social Security Administration. And federal law puts strict limits on the fees we can charge you.

When preparing or appealing something as important as your disability benefits, it pays to have professional, knowledgeable legal representation. Do not leave your livelihood at risk. Call us today for a free consultation to see how our firm can help you.