social security doctorSocial Security often arranges consultative exams with private doctors. Many of our clients call these a social security doctor. Although the doctor is paid by Social Security, he does not work for Social Security.  Your examining doctor may be very understanding and care about your situation. However, he really has no control over the decision in your case. The doctor is paid to perform a physical or mental health exam and file a report with Social Security. The report does not include an opinion about whether or not you are disabled.

The report usually includes your diagnosis any anything the doctor noted about your limitations. For example, he might give an opinion about how long you can be on your feet. He might say that you cannot lift heavy objects. A psychologist or psychiatrist might say that you would have trouble working with a lot of people.

The exam report will be reviewed by the staff at Disability Determination Services (or the judge if your exam was ordered by the hearing office) once it is placed in your file. The consultative exam report is only one of the things that will be looked at before a decision is made in your disability claim.