Notice of HearingThe wait for a disability hearing can be long and is almost always longer than a year from the time the Request for Hearing is filed. Social Security will notify you by mail, so if you move make sure that you give Social Security your new address. The Notice of Hearing will arrive and it includes the date, time and location of your hearing. It also has 4 forms included. If you have an attorney, discuss which of the four forms you should return. If you do not have an attorney be sure to return all of the forms in the packet. One will be a form for you to sign just acknowledging that you know about the hearing and plan to attend. The remaining three forms give the judge information about your work history and medical treatment. You will need to list your work history for the past 15 years. Hopefully, you have saved a copy of the work history report you filed early on in your case so that you can refer to it You will also need to list the names and contact information for all of the doctors that you have seen since you last filed an appeal. The last form asks for a list of all of your current medications, dosages, the reason for the medication and the name of the doctor who prescribed it for you.

If you have received your Notice of Hearing do not have an attorney, you should speak to one as soon as possible. It may be very difficult to find one this late in the process. If you hire a lawyer there may be a need to delay your hearing so that the attorney can prepare your case properly. If your hearing has been scheduled and you want to be represented, please call our office at 888-966-6566 today to discuss your case.