attorney-feesThe short answer is that it costs you nothing up front to hire a lawyer at Lunn & Forro, PLLC This means that you do not pay us any money when you hire us.

If you do not win your Social Security Disability claim, then you owe us no attorney fee at all.

We collect an attorney fee only if you are ultimately awarded back benefits by the Social Security Administration. Any fee that we do charge once your case is successful must be approved by Social Security. If your case is approved without the need to file a claim in Federal District Court, then the fee is 25% of your back benefits as long as the fee does not exceed the amount set by law. This amount is currently $6,000. This means that even if your back benefits are $30,000 our fee is still only $6000. If your case has to be appealed to U.S. District Court, then the maximum fee allowed is still 25% of your back benefits, but the $6000 limit no longer applies. No fee is ever paid unless it is first approved by the Social Security Administration.

Unlike some other firms, you will not be asked to get your own medical records or give us money to order them ahead of time. We understand that this would be burdensome to you when you are not feeling well, have little time, no income and may just be struggling to get out of bed every day. Instead, our office will obtain and pay for copies of your medical records. At the end of our representation you will be responsible for reimbursing us for these costs.