need disability attorneyMany people wonder if they really need the help of a disability attorney to obtain their Social Security disability benefits. There are some cases where we advise potential clients that we believe they have a good chance of being approved at the initial level of their claim and that they do not need to hire an attorney unless they are denied. For example, someone who is terminally ill who has been told that they have less than a year to live is likely to get approved quickly.

However, in most cases we do recommend that you hire an attorney to represent you. Social Security is a government run program that has many complicated rules and regulations. There are many forms to complete and critical deadlines that must be met to keep your claim active. At Lunn & Forro, PLLC, we help you navigate your way through the government red tape so that you can focus on your health and you family.

One of the most important and most frequently asked question is how much does it cost to hire an attorney?