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Frequently Asked Questions about VA Compensation Benefits

Can I Appeal a Denied VA Claim?

When a decision is made in your claim, you will receive a Ratings Decision. If your claim has been granted, the decision will assign a rating for your condition. If the claim is denied, or if you disagree with the rating that is...

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When Should I File for VA benefits?

If you believe that you may qualify for VA benefits and you have never filed a claim before, you need to file a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs as soon as possible. In many cases, the benefits you receive will be...

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Can Veterans Work While Applying for VA Benefits?

When I talk with Veterans who are applying for compensation benefits, they often want to know if working while applying for VA benefits will hurt their chances of being approved. For most Veterans the answer is usually pretty...

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Do I Qualify for a VA Rating Increase?

If you are already receiving compensation for a service-connected disability, and that disability has worsened, you may be eligible for a higher rating. Increasing your rating may increase the amount and type of compensation...

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Do I need an attorney to file a VA claim?

You are not required to have an attorney at any point during your VA claim. Under the law, an attorney cannot charge you any fee for work performed prior to an appeal being filed. That means an attorney cannot charge for...

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Can I file my VA application completely online?

You can file the initial application online for all conditions you believe are service-connected. If you are filing claims for PTSD, MST or TDIU, there is additional paperwork the VA will need you to complete. You can go ahead...

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