Camp Lejeune Water Exposure

Camp Lejeune

The VA has finally established a presumptive service connection for some veterans, reservists and National Guard members who were exposed to contaminants in the Camp Lejeune water supply. What are the service requirements to qualify for presumptive service-connection for exposure to Camp Lejeune water? In order to qualify the service member needs to have served […]

VA Announces it Mishandled over 24,000 Claims for TBI

On June 1, 2016 the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that it had made an error in the processing of more than 24,000 claims for compensation related to traumatic brain injury (“TBI”). Under the VA policy put into place in 2007, initial TBI Compensation and Pension (“C&P”) exams must be done by one of four […]

VA Regional Office Accountability Act

Congressman Leonard Lance and Congresswoman Grace Weng will be introducing the VA Regional Office Accountability Act in an effort to hold the Department of Veterans Affairs executives accountable for the actions of the regional offices. The regional offices are responsible for making the initial determination of claims for Veterans Compensation. The law will require regional […]

A Brief Look at the VA’s Schedule of Disability Ratings: What Does It Mean for Your Case?

As an armed services veteran, you know better than anyone how confusing many of the military’s policies can be. One of the greatest sources of confusion among disabled veterans is the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) rating system for service-connected disabilities, and how it affects their monthly benefits. Simply stated, the VA’s disability rating system […]

Speed Up Your VA Benefits Case

The media has been circling the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently, reporting on the backlog of veterans who are waiting to receive much-needed treatment and disability benefits. As more and more veterans return from duty overseas and veterans of previous wars age, the number of claims for disability benefits is rising, adding to the […]

Do I need an attorney to file a VA claim?

You are not required to have an attorney at any point during your VA claim. Under the law, an attorney cannot charge you any fee for work performed prior to an appeal being filed. That means an attorney cannot charge for assisting you with filing your application. You will find that many attorneys do not […]

Provisional Decisions for Disabled Veterans

THE VA NO LONGER USES THIS PROCESS The VA believes that they have come up with a way to process older claims more quickly. It remains to be seen if this will actually result in compensation decisions being made more quickly and more accurately, or if it will just improve the initial processing number but […]