Type of Claim: Social Security Disability Benefits

Age at onset of disability: 52 Health impairments: bilateral sacral fractures, bulging lumbar and cervical discs, depression resulting from chronic pain and loss of function Summary of case: Claimant alleged disability from the time of a fall at the school where she was employed as the principal. She injured her back and neck. She had chronic back pain and neck pain. Treatment included physical therapy, stellate ganglion blocks and trigger point injections and ultimately a discectomy and cervical fusion. Due to the loss of her ability to function and her chronic pain, she became depressed. Result: Fully favorable decision after a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge with an award of Social Security disability benefits dating back to her fall. DISCLAIMER: You should be aware that the facts and circumstances of every case are different. You should not expect that the outcome in your case or a similar case will be the same as those listed above. You should discuss your case with a lawyer to learn about your legal rights and possible outcomes based on the specifics of your situation.

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