The Social Security Doctor Told Me I Would Win

Social Security often arranges consultative exams with private doctors. Many of our clients call these a social security doctor. Although the doctor is paid by Social Security, he does not work for Social Security.  Your examining doctor may be very understanding and care about your situation. However, he really has no control over the decision […]

What are Disability Video Hearings?

disability video hearings

You may have received a notice from Social Security with information about participating in a video hearing. During video hearings, you and your attorney (if you have one) are in one office and the judge is in another office. Your location will be equipped with a camera, microphone and TV screen. You will be able […]

If I Get Disability Benefits Will My Family Also Get Money?

Disability payments for family

If you are approved for SSDI payments there may be additional money available to your minor children, your spouse, and your disabled adult children. When your payment amount is calculated, the payment center also calculates the maximum family amount and the figure is based on the amount of time you have worked and the amount […]